BlogIt Release 1.3.0

The main new user feature in this release is the new UI for comment editing. The UI basically re-uses the exiting comment entry form, but exposes fields that would normally be hidden to the average user; as such it required very few lines of code. This is a good thing. As a general goal I'm trying to keep the size of BlogIt small, primarily to keep the entry barrier low for new contributors, and partly to keep maintenance overheads low.

Most other changes were developer oriented, aimed at grouping similar variables together into arrays, which hopefully makes things a little easier to read. One change I did make was to update the date validation routine. This has been flaky for a while, and I finally broke down and took a different approach to the validation. This version should allow for a little more variation in the date formats, as well as handling international formats a little better.

Next release will be a little more user oriented, and should see some Ajax goodness.


  1. By Stéphane, on January 31, 2010, at 06:00 AM
    Well done !
    Introducing Ajax & end-users effects in the next version would be a big plus !