BlogIt Release 1.5.0, Ajaxy Goodness

Finally version 1.5 of Blogit is released, and bring with it all new Ajaxy goodness. All actions are configurable to be Ajax based, and you can also choose to have the option to select either Ajax or Normal mode for actions.

The advantage of using Ajax is the speed that it brings to the daily workflow of the blogging system. Posting and editing blog entries is now an instant operation, rather than the normal processing time of 1-2 seconds. That doesn't sound like much, but somehow the psychological effect is significant. Of course, the ability to Approve/Unapprove, and even block commenter IP addresses instantly is nice as well. All in all this release makes for a really nice experience improvement for blog administrators/writers.

Big thanks again go out to SteP for a lot of testing, particularly around international character set testing. There were a lot of thorny, tedious issues dealing with character sets, and SteP's help was critical to getting this release out. Thanks.

Check out the PmWiki BlogIt project page for a full list of changes, and installation information.