BlogIt progress, Ajax on the way

Just a quick note to let you know that progress on the next version of Blogit is going well. As promised we've got some Ajax goodies in this release. As an initial dive, many admin functions are now ajaxified:

  • Approving and unapproving comments is near immediate, as is deleting comments -- no waiting for the page to reload. Click and it's done.
  • Blocking commenter IP addresses is another tool in the fight against spam. Add commenter IP addresses to the BlockList with a direct link -- that's ajax as well.
  • Field validations are now done client-side, which means you get to see the error submitting the page. Much nicer.
  • Ever lost some work by clicking Cancel, or Back in error? Now you'll get a message verifying whether you want to loose your hard written work.

All with a nice shiny look. Of course all existing bugs have been quelled, squashed, and removed. Check out the BlogIt Known Issues list for a full account of what's changing.

A little more testing and we should be done. In the meantime take a look over on the BlogIt test blog for a feel of what's coming.