Here you'll find all the skins I've ported to PmWiki. Most of them have been designed to be used as a blog, using BlogIt, but are also completely usable as basic wiki skins.

Choice: Minimalist PmWiki skin conversion

Choice is easily my favorite skin port so far. Beautifully minimalist, with a nice splice of color, fits a slightly formal feel.

Equilibrium: Minimalist PmWiki skin conversion

Equilibrium was the start of my minimalist period. The skin was designed for displaying thumbnail images on the main page summary list, and even now has a pretty unique look. Even when it's used in a more non-image blog, it still looks great, nicely grid-aligned.

Green Marinee: PmWiki skin conversion

The Green Marinee skin has been around for years. So long ago that the author, Ian Main, no longer has a presence on the web. The theme doesn't have as much white space as most modern skins, but it's a great layout.

Glossy Hue: PmWiki skin conversion

This is another very early PmWiki skin conversion. And one which has stuck with me. I've used it on my personal blog for years now. It doesn't have any fancy features, just a main section, and a right column, basic blog design. But for me it gels nicely together in an informal airy way.

Skidoo: PmWiki note-taking skin

Skidoo was my first PmWiki skin. I designed it from scratch, specifically for note taking. I use PmWiki to capture all my work and personal notes, and wanted something that provided quick access to recent pages, projects lists, table-of-contents, and most importantly quick access to the pages used on side-bars, headers, footers, etc.

Skiddo has all that. You can quickly edit all the main page elements, to add new links. It also has tabs in the left and right columns which provide access to various pages lists, for recent edits. Not especially pretty, but very functional.

Colorimetry: PmWiki skin conversion

I'm never quite sure how to categorize Colorimetry; it not quite formal enough to be business lie, but a little too formal to be used for a personal blog. It is pretty flexible though, and is a good base for adapting. Nice elements, are the top tab links, and the left bar header highlights.

Skittlish: PmWiki skin conversion

Skittlish is one of my early skin conversions, and one which I used for a while on my tech blog. It's got a good range of bright color themes which can be selected by the viewer from a theme picker on the page, and a cool font-resizing widget built in. One of my favorites.

BlogIt skin, Minimous

Minimous is a port of a skin designed for Posteous. It's a very simple, two column skin, with minimal graphics, and very basic layout. It does provide a number of theme colors, and also allows the admin to specify the page width.

Blix: PmWiki skin conversion

Blix is one of the more popular skins I've ported over from other systems. It's pretty flexible, and gets used as a foundation for some adaptions. That, and it's pretty colorful by default, but can be muted down pretty easily.

Drop Shadow: PmWiki skin conversion

Basic two column theme, with a neat 'drop-shadow' effect on the top and bottom of the page, making things jump out a little.