Web Hosting at A Small Orange

Looking for web hosting can be a real pain. Basically you have 10 or so really huge players, who claim to offer no limits on storage and bandwidth, which means every server is just poised to explode as everyone dumps all their crap on there. And then you have literally thousands of small timers, with questionable ability to support their users over the long-haul.

Years back when I was host-hunting I came across A Small Orange, and have been with them ever since. They have been consistently excellent. The only limits on accounts are the physical limits on disk space, and bandwidth. This is actually a good thing, as it means your server is much more likely not to get over burdened by an errant tenant. There are no other limits. Have as many email addresses, domains, sub-domains, databases, and whatever else you can think of, including full command line (SSH) access. As long as you stay within the disk and bandwidth limits.

The best feature is the active forum community, who are usually very willing to help out; and the user support, which is typically extremely fast.

So, it you're looking for a host, sign up at A Small Orange, and get a 15% discount.


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